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NTW Papers

NTW discussion papers are not policy documents. They are published here to keep important elements of the project open to discussion.

The papers show us something of a particular perspective behind NTW. They give us some insight into why the project is as it is, and so they can also show us things we would need to address in putting a case for change and improvement. 

As stated in its Constitution, 'sustainability' is NTW's purpose, but there is always room for improvement in operation.

Anything that would make the project more sustainable would be supported by the Constitution, regardless of opposition to it from a different value base. Indeed, subject to the Constitution, even the underlying definition of sustainability would be open to discussion and new insight.

Where a Discussion Paper exists on an issue, it can be used to support an idea for improvement. It can even be evidence of a flaw in the perspective behind the paper itself. Knowing and addressing the perspective behind NTW's development is a good starting point for presenting a new idea through the forum where anyone can effect change for the better on any aspect of the project.  



NTW Project Papers

Skills For NTW

Developer Interest

Into The Mainstream

Other Benefits

Pathways to Employment


What Members Will Do

NTW Presentation

NTW History

History of NTW/CHEC/Caretakers/FEEL

NTW Gives More For Less (objectives draft that we are still working on - you added some headings)

Management Style

A Campaign to Change Centrelink's Activity Test

The Unemployed & Community Work



NTW Program Overviews

Administration Program Overview

Car Share Program

Food Garden Program Overview

Income Program Overview

Modeling Program Overview

Neighbourhood Program Overview


NTW Management

NTW Vision

Constitution - Important Extract


ABC Management System

Management System Overview

NTW's Operational Structure

Decision Making

NTW Budget (including Other Funding Issues – haven’t yet found or published this content)

NTW Staffing

Policy Review Process

Policy Statements

Basic Skills


Editorial policy

Income from Project operations


Membership Agreement

Ownership of NTW material

Support (mentoring/ buddying)

Membership Qualifications

Membership Roles


NTW Architectural Design

NTW design concept drawings

Architectural Report

Design Costing (Ben’s Stuff– haven’t yet found or published this content)


Group Dynamics

Communicating effectively by email


Cooperative Community Development

Cooperative Evolution

Conflict Resolution

Discussion Process

Email Code of Conduct



Affordable Housing  


Homelessness Green Paper

Homelessness Submission

Canaries In the Mine

National Affordable Housing Agreement

Sydney's Housing Crisis


NTW Position Papers

The Dole is not your birthright

Founding Values

Footprint Test (check yours!)

Goals (Including land as a birthright)

Global Crisis - Ted Trainer

Grass Roots Qualifications

Household skills

Income Footprint

Land - our birthright with responsibilities

Market Dependence

Sustainability (our benign dictator)


Climate Change Submissions

Remembering – A project’s history


Alex Baumann Uni  Position Papers

Corporate Globalisation

A Series of Short Reflections

Low Income Households

Community, Community Development & Social Justice

Report - Community Activity Organiser

The Decline of Community Participation

Slavery, Colonisation & Capitalism

Sustainable International Development

Organiser Report

Organiser - Power, Relationships & Peace

Sydney's Housing Crisis

Papers developed in response to the 2020 summit in 2008

TOPIC 1: The future of the Australian economy

TOPIC 1b: The future of the Australian economy-housing

TOPIC 3: Population, sustainability, climate change and water

TOPIC 3: Population, sustainability, climate change and water - Alex

TOPIC 5: A long-term national health strategy
TOPIC 6: Strengthening communities and supporting working families

TOPIC 7: Options for the future of Indigenous Australia

TOPIC 9: The future of Australian governance

TOPIC 10: Australia's future in the region and the world


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